Cat cafe, Katzen Cafes, neko cafe, Cafe des chats – these are all the self-explanatory phrases for the same global phenomenon: a venue where you can enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea or even other drinks) but in which the main attraction are cats. In such locations felines are allowed to roam freely around the dining area and give the cat-lover the possibility for physical interaction. The cat-cafe craze started in Taiwan has spread across Asia and now starting to spring up in Europe, USA, Australia and other places world wide.

Coffee with Cats

www.coffeewithcats.com is THE world wide directory of cat cafes on all continents. Our vision is to provide the most complete listing of such places where you can enjoy coffe, cakes and cats. For the cat lover www.coffeewithcats.com is the solution to find his purrfect place wherever he travels.

If you are on a business trip, if you are a city tourist or just on an extended backpacking trip – on www.coffeewithcats.com you easily find the all information where to get a caffeine fix (or other drinks) and your daily doses of cuddling feline interaction.

So plan your trip, make your choice and enjoy company of a good kitty a cat café.