What’s a Cat Cafe?

The concept of Cat Cafes originally comes from Taiwan, where cat cafés are a part of everyday life. The world’s first café named Cat Flower Garden originated in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998.
Japanese tourists soon discovered the feline cafes and brought the concept over to Japan. The first Japanese “neko-“ (meaning cat) café opened in Osaka in 2004 and then started to pop up steadily also in other areas of the island and is still going to grow. Meanwhile it is an established feature of social life in Japan.

World wide spread

But it is not only Asia: Now it is spreading around the world and such places are starting to spring Korea, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, USA, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.

The concept

The cat cafes are venues which features cats in residence . They are opening the guests a chance to hang out with feline friends in a public environment whilst enjoying warm and cold drinks, snacks or even free Wi-Fi , borad-games and magazines.

Psychological benefits

It is becoming a scientific fact that owning a pet has a significant psychological benefit and influence on our health and happiness. Especially the company of a good kitty relieves stress symptoms. Unfortunately for a whole lot of people it is not feasible to have a pet of their own due to limited space in small flats. Also tight budgets and long working hours are getting in the way of caring for a pet. Nevertheless they are looking for some feline interaction.

A cat café therefore is the purrfect solution to play with cats.

The cat cafes are not only giving the humans a place to relax and enjoy the felines but they also have a mission: They are aiming to sensitize the public on the importance of the welfare of the cats. Especially in crowded metropolitan areas they are taking care of feral-, stray- or abandoned cats. In many of the cat cafes visitors have the possibility to adopt the kitties.